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Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump, Nevada has over 1,000 member-owners. Many of them have stayed with us continually for years, and most others come here every year to escape the frigid winters up north. Anyone can become a member. In fact, we even have several hundred members who live right here in town and maintain membership for unparalleled access to the Resort’s facilities and social activities.

Resort membership is a deeded fractional interest in the not-for-profit owners association, similar to a timeshare, and is regulated by the Nevada Real Estate Division. Unlike other similar properties, though, our memberships are not specific to any particular site. You have the right to “use and enjoy” all of the facilities, and you can park in any vacant site that will accommodate your RV length.




1801 Crawford Way, Pahrump, NV 89048

The current price of a membership is $4995, which is a one-time purchase, and includes the current year assessment. Each year, you pay an annual maintenance assessment, which is $325 for 2021.

When  you pay your assessment each year, you are entitled to 35 days of cmaping time, and you pay only the utility fee for those nights (which is $6.75 nightly).  For additional nights, it’s $15.75 total.  And even though additional nights are not guaranteed, we have never denied a member reservation request and we have never required a member to leave.  Please note that your annual 35 days do not carry over.  They must be used each year by December 31st.

For those without an RV, you can exchange your 35 days for some time in our park model cabins, which feature separate bedrooms and full kitchens.  The exchange rates vary with the season. 

Other benefits of a Preferred RV Resort membership include:

  • The right to buy into top-tier affiliates such as Coast to Coast, Resort Parks International, and Resorts of Distinction without the huge markup many other membership resorts charge.
  • An active voice in the park’s management via an elected member-owner board of directors. And no corporate owner to siphon off the profits. All of our profits basically translate into park improvements and new facilities.
  • ALL of the benefits of membership and access to ALL of the Resort’s facilities extend to you AND your immediate family – children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren.
  • Use of the ONLY year-round swimming pool in town, as often as you’d like, and now features a new retractable enclosure (see “What’s New”). And our pool is consistently heated to more comfortable temperatures than any other in the area.
  • Low cost propane, which can amount to considerable savings each year.

Call TODAY and ask to speak to a member of our sales staff. 775-727-4414.